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Hey pals! Have we been busy here in ol' Divining Rod land. We done recorded a ton of new music and made ourselves a video. A Halloween themed one no less! It features the legendary Halloween night antics of our lil village of Irvington NY! We're also having a single/video release soiree hosted by our friends at Harper's in Dobbs Ferry NY on Thursday, 12/15! In the meantime, pre-save the release of MASON COUNTY LINE on Spotify by pressing that reddish orage button below!

Bear Mtn 3 and We Made A Dang Video!

Summer Pt I

Photo Dumpin' - Had me a gas...

Hey friends,

How's your summer going? Things are moving right along on this end. As you can tell, I bought me a big-ass hat. We also played a show in sunny Nyack NY, wrangled a sweet travel guitar and amp from Blackstar Amps, grew some stuff, got gussied up and went to an awesome wedding, saw some good friends, ran lots and lots of miles to prepare for a marathon in the fall and took a minute to take a deep breath and fully realize what a crazy, surreal world we live in.

Next up: Heading back to Virtue and Vice Studio and mix a metric ton of music we've recorded. Can't wait for y'all to hear it. It's going to be a corker fer sure.

Until next time!

Miyuki/Divining Rod


People occasionally ask me if my songs are about a particular person or if they’re about a made up character. Sometimes they’re pure fiction. Other times they are about an amalgamation of several people. Once in a while, I’ll write about a specific person, like the one in this song. It’s about someone who is the best at being the worst: selfish, dishonest and sometimes cruel. The song is appropriately titled GOAT, haha. However, the Buddhist in me wonders if the song is about qualities that are inherent in myself as Buddhism teaches that people in one’s life are a reflection of oneself. Still chewing on that. Regardless, it inspired this nifty little demo. Can’t wait to share the fully recorded version in our upcoming album. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy. 


Ain’t it a shame?

Ain’t it a crime? 

You are the greatest of all time 

Tears in the morning 

Howling at the moon 

You’ll get your ceremony soon 


Don’t try and tell me 

What we both already know 

Eyes always watching all the time 


Ain’t a crime? 

Ain’t it a shame? 

Your place up in the Hall Of Fame 

Kiss him when he’s up 

Kick him when he’s down 

You’ll get the key to the town 


Think they won’t hear you 

Everyone already knows 

Ears always listening all the time 


Call it a farce 

And a charade 

You’ll get your ticker tape parade 

When he’s all torn up 

Thrown away and used 

They’ll name a playground after you 


You are a legend 

Everyone already knows 

You are the greatest of all time

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