1. GOAT

From the recording GOAT

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by Divining Rod

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I'm occasionally asked if my songs are works of fiction or based on something that's actually happened to me IRL. Many songs are based on things that I've experienced or that have been recounted to me by friends & acquaintances. Sometimes the subject matter is an amalgamation of several people.

Every now and then, however, I’ll write about one specific person; like the one in this song. It’s about someone who is the very best at being a pretty terrible person: selfish, dishonest and sometimes cruel. The song is appropriately titled GOAT, haha.

Still, being that I was raised a Buddhist, I wonder if I'm subconsciously writing about negative qualities inherent in me. Buddhism teaches that people in one’s life are a reflection of oneself so it could be my own sense of embarrassment about my own negativity seeping through the lyrics. Still chewing on that, I guess - Yeesh! Regardless, it inspired this nifty little song.

Look out for the rest of our EP, 'Santa Monica & Other Golden Classics' coming your way on May 19, 2023!

released April 14, 2023
Miyuki Furtado
Patrick Harmon
Matt Svigals
John Malone

Anthony TJ Rocky Gallo
Virtue & Vice Studios

Matt Leffler-Schulman
Mobtown Mastering

Miyuki Furtado
Keikosongs Music / BMI

Kilipaki Records


Ain’t it a shame?
Ain’t it a crime?
You are the greatest of all time

Tears in the morning
Howling at the moon
You’ll get your ceremony soon

Don’t try and tell me
What we both already know
Eyes always watching all the time

Ain’t a crime?
Ain’t it a shame?
Your place up in the Hall Of Fame

Kiss him when he’s up
Kick him when he’s down
You’ll get the key to the town

Think they won’t hear you
Everyone already knows
Ears always listening all the time

Call it a farce
And a charade
You’ll get your ticker tape parade

When he’s all torn up
Thrown away and used
They’ll name a playground after you

You are a legend
Everyone already knows
You are the greatest of all time