The video for our single, LOVE COME TUMBLING, is here for your viewing pleasure.

Unending gratitude to Michael Hanna of Protean Films for making this happen! Some trespassing and loitering occurred during the making of this video. 

Directed by Michael Hanna / Protean Films 
Miyuki Furtado 
Patrick Harmon 
Eric Kaye 
John Malone 
Love Come Tumbling 

Written By M. Furtado 
Divining Rod - Miyuki Furtado / Patrick Harmon 
Produced by Furtado / Brian Forbes 
Mixed by Brian Forbes Alternate Dimension Studio/ The Gallery Recording Studio 
Mastered by Jessica Thompson / Coast Mastering 
Courtesy of Kilipaki Records 
Keikosongs Music/BMI 
Buy the single, 'Hemlock Blues / Love Come Tumbling' here:

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